Career Exploration 8th grade

  • Career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance. They also increase the likelihood that these students will complete high school and pursue post-secondary education.
  • Career exploration opportunities improve the attitudes of young people about their career possibilities, motivating them to persevere.
  • Career exploration improves students’ knowledge of career options, encouraging them to develop and work toward goals during the critical years when they are also beginning to venture beyond the orbit of their parents.
  • With a better understanding of the working world, young people can more easily envision how they fit successfully into that world.  Knowing the preparation they will need for specific careers, participants also become better able to set realistic goals for themselves and pursue them.
  • Students who are involved in career exploration are more likely to plan their high school courses of study carefully to gain the skills they will need. Students participating in career exploration programs as middle-schoolers are more likely to enroll in higher level math courses in high school and have higher self esteem.

Activity 1: 

Complete the following surveys and record results on worksheet provided in class.

interest questionnaires:

Activity 2:

Create a word document titled your lastname and your class (7, 8a or 8b). Copy and paste the following questions into the document and answer for 3 jobs that you are interested in. 

  • What’s the salary ?(Salaries vary depending on location- keep that in mind when you do your research)
  • What kind of hours will I work?
  • What kind of work-life blend will I have (will you have time outside of work to engage in the activities you enjoy? ex. Spending time with family, hiking, ect...)?
  • Is this a field where overtime is available (or mandatory)?
  • What are the day-to-day experiences like?
  • Will I be working closely with others or perform my tasks in a more solitary setting?
  • What kind of education/training do I need (list years of college/training)?
  • Where can I get that education? (if college is required research and list 3 schools) 
  • Will I have to take out loans and if so, how much? (List tuition cost for 3 schools chosen above) 
  • Other facts to consider (optional): 

Activity 3: Career Poster

Choose 1 career out of the 3 you researched for Activity 2. Create a poster to preset to the class to teach about your career. For this activity you may choose to work alone or with 1 partner with a similar career interest. Presentations will be 5-7 minutes in duration. When presenting, be prepared to share what inspired you to research this career and take questions from peers.

Information that needs to be included in your presentation: 

-Job title

- Average salary for this career in VT

-Education required to work in this position

-Amount of jobs for this position in VT or job outlook 

-What are the day-to-day experiences like? (list atleast 3)

-Opportunities for advancement? (management or moving up in career roles)

-retirement/401k opportunities 

-benefits offered? (health care/dental/vision) 

-What kind of education/training do I need (list years of college/training)?

- 3 additional interesting facts about your career

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