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1. If your best friend were jealous, controlling, or hurtful, he or she probably wouldn’t be your best friend for long. But some people think it’s OK to tolerate such behavior from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Why?

 2. People often say that the foundation of a healthy relationship is a good friendship. What does this mean? What are some of the qualities you would look for in both a friend and a partner? 

3. Some relationships start off fine, then turn bad. One partner may begin to emotionally, physically, or sexually abuse the other. What are some examples of abusive behavior? Is abuse ever the victim’s fault? 

4. Many people try to impress their friends. In what ways can this type of peer pressure affect relationships? Is it different for guys and girls?

5. Do you think it’s easy or hard to leave an unhealthy relationship? If a friend confided in you that he or she was being abused, emotionally or physically, by a partner, what could you do to help?

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