In the beginning of the semester we began working on our Career Research project. We will continue the project over our school closure. Below I have created a deadline to help keep you on track with the expected assignments. Please reach out to me via email if you need any help/clarification with the assignments.-Ms. W (

3/16/20- Initial Reflection and Career Research should be completed. Begin working on Classified Ad

3/23/20- Classified Ad should be completed. Begin working on cover letter & reference for a friend

3/30/20- Cover letter & Reference should be completed. Begin working on Application (attached on back portion of the packet) 

4/6/20- Complete Application. Begin your resume. You may use one of the templates attached or look for a resume template online to give you an idea to get started. You may not have alot to add now but having this template started will help you in the future! In your resume you should have the following categories:

-Name & address 

-Education (Danville school)

-Activities (sports/clubs)

-Volunteer work (babysitting/other volunteer experiences) 

-Work experience (if applicable- if not leave this section blank) 

-2 references (Can not be family/friends... you could use teachers, coaches or other non-family adults)

4/21/20- Resume completed. All work from Packet should be completed and ready to turn in. 

Classified Ad 

Make a classified ad for the position you are applying for that would have been found in a newspaper. You must include the following information in order (1) picture (appropriate size) to represent the job, (2) title of the job, (3) location of job, (4) 40-50 word description of position, (5) contact information of company who submitted application (name, address, phone, email), and (6) date of the application deadline What kind of skills would be required to complete this job? The size of your classified ad should be something close to the example given! 

Cover Letter 

Write a cover letter to the contact who advertised the particular job in the local newspaper. It needs to be specific to the job you are applying for. Your letter should be typed, using 12pt size and Times New Roman font. Your letter should have 4 main sections (follow the attached outline).  

Reference Letter 

Write a reference letter for a friend in the class. It is important to note here that your friend would not usually write you a letter of reference, but it is okay for the purpose of this assignment! Make sure you choose wisely! Your letter should be typed, using 12pt size and Times New Roman font. Your letter should have 4 main sections (follow the attached outline). 


Complete the blank application form attached. All sections should be completed accordingly and neatly hand written. Use blue or black ink for your final copy.  

Updated Resume 

Attach an updated resume. Feel free to choose your suitable format, but two possible formats have been included for your review. Your resume should follow the outline closely. Ensure the skills at the top of the page are appropriate for the job you are applying to.