In this unit, we are moving on to the concept of caring. This word is not  unfamiliar to you at this point in your life; you have been caring for yourself  and possibly for others for quite some time! For this unit, caring is defined as  providing care and showing concern for both ourselves and those around us.  We will talk about a number of  concepts related to caring: compassion, empathy, and gratitude. 

Self Care is how we care for ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. This includes basic needs such as caring for our body, eating healthy, and  getting enough sleep. Oftentimes we don’t even think about how those simple, everyday things affect our mental or emotional health.     

Let’s look at getting enough sleep and the effect it has on the rest of your life. What happens when you aren’t able (or choose not to) get enough sleep for one night? How might you behave the next day?   What happens if you go 2-3 days without enough sleep? How might your  behavior change? How do you think you would do on a major test or at an  important game?  

Your examples show a strong connection between physical and mental/emotional health. All we neglected was a little sleep, right? However, sleep allows your body to rest, organize thoughts from the day, and even problem solve! Lack of sleep causes not only crankiness, but also makes you  more clumsy and takes away your focus and ability to learn.  

As you can see just from this one area, self care is extremely important to help  you stay healthy and to care for yourself. You can’t care for others very well if  you don’t care for yourself first! 

Class assignment: 

Please drag the following link in a NEW TAB and make a copy

Once you have made a copy, rename your google side with your name and grade Ex. MS.W7A 

Please complete pages 7-10

(Physical self care, Emotional self care, Social self care, and Mental self care)

If you finish this task early, you may begin working on Page 11- My gratitude list.