The Conversation Connect Game

  1. Stay in the “editing mode” to play the game
  2. Your team will try to get 5 colors in a row by asking the corresponding question. Think of it as connect 4 but with numbers and questions! You want to try to block the other teams from reaching 5 in a row. 
  3. Teams should take turns choosing which number they would like based on the spot they would like to place their pawn. 
  4. Go to the question/prompt slide by clicking on the corresponding button located on the right side of the board. (When you click on the button, a “bubble” will pop up. Then click that link to get to the right side.)
  5. Answer the corresponding question/prompt. (Team that selects the number should answer)
  6. Return to the main Game board by clicking on the “Return to Game board with purple arrow” button in the right hand corner. 
  7. Move your game pawn to cover the number just answered. Once a team has placed their piece on a number, that spot can not be used again by another team.
  8. Players continue to take turns answering questions/prompts and moving their pawn pieces until the first team has completed a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal with 5 in a row.